About us

We are a small, family run business and incredibly grateful for our supporters. Each sale helps us to pay for everyday things like food, clothing and heating. Your help enables our little independent business to thrive.

With your help we also fund environmental charities. Each Christmas we decide who we are going to sponsor for the following year. Previous charities we have sponsored include; Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust and Leave No Trace.

Leigh Robinson - Founder & Owner of Arborvita.

Leigh RobinsonIn 2008 I was working with homeless people who lived in various hostels around Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. I really enjoyed the work and the people were amazing. The clients had complex problems like drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. We helped them as much as we could. After work I started feeling physically and emotionally drained. I needed something that could recharge me. 

After work I began escaping to the woods. It was quiet, peaceful and it recharged me. I started noticing the beauty in the plants, trees and animals. I also began reading books to learn about nature and started taking photographs too.

I was sitting in the woods enjoying the sights and sounds and I thought to myself 'I wish other people could come and enjoy this too. A lot of people need this.' We lead busy and complex lives and it's not always possible. So, how could I get this experience to them? How could I show them the beauty of nature? I didn't have the answer yet.


I met my partner Kerrie and we spent a lot of time outdoors hiking, foraging and walking in the woods. One day I was watching her put a pendant necklace on and the idea came to me, leaf jewellery! People can wear a bit of nature. It will always be near them, it's unique, original and one of a kind. Whenever they look at their leaf necklace or touch it, they will be instantly connected with nature.

By preserving leaves in precious metals they last forever and can be worn as necklaces, earrings, brooches and much more. I learned how to coat leaves in gold, silver and copper. We began selling real leaf jewellery in 2010.

Arborvita continues to grow. We are always coming up with new ideas and designs. Constantly evolving and moving forward to offer you something new from nature.

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ArchieArchie 2October 2016 saw the birth of our son Archie. He's quickly grown to love the outdoors and prefers his afternoon naps lounging in his hammock in the woods.

Our love of nature has grown and become central to our lives. Visit our blog to see what we are currently up to. It might be some wood carving, wild camping, canoeing or developing new ideas for jewellery.

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