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Making real leaf jewellery

We start by carefully harvesting the leaves, cones, nuts and flowers in a sustainable way. Never picking too much to harm the tree or the plant. Most of them come from our local parks and woodlands. Some leaves are from the garden such as Rose leaves and Japanese Maple leaves. They do no grow wild where we are. The Sugar Maple leaves are sent to us by friends in Canada and the eastern region of the USA.

The organic material is dried to remove as much moisture as possible. This slows down the process of decay. The leaves, cones and nuts are then dipped in our special cauldrons. The cauldrons perform a magical mix of electrical and chemical wizardry. Firstly, a thick copper coating is deposited onto the items. This transforms the delicate organic structures making them strong enough to wear as jewellery. These pendants are then placed into different cauldrons each with a secret recipe for gold, silver and iridescent copper.

Real Acorn Jewellery.

Once they come out of the cauldrons they are now finished pendants. The process doesn't destroy the original organic material. The leaves, cones and nuts are still inside the jewellery. In fact, sometimes if you give our acorns a little shake, you can hear them rattling inside!

Our necklace chains are 24k gold plated chain, silver plated chain and rose gold plated chain. The earrings have fish hook style backs with a brass base metal and then are finished in either gold, silver, iridescent copper or rose gold. The fish hook backs do not contain nickel and are hypoallergenic.

We get a lot of requests to preserve sentimental items for people. Unfortunately we cannot do this. There is a high failure rate so there is a good chance that your item will not survive. We would also need to dedicate a cauldron to this individual item as it cannot go in with other objects.