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One Tree Planted

About 2.47 million trees are cut down every day. These trees are used to make everything from lumber and paper to deodorant and food additives. Globally, there are estimated to be 3.04 trillion trees. The means that there are roughly 422 trees for every person on earth.

A study in Nature says 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year. It also estimates that 46% of the world's trees have been cleared over the past 12,000 years. Approximately 1.9 billion trees are planted each year according to statistics compiled from different sources including the United Nations.

One Tree Planted

One tree planted for every purchase made.

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted every time you make a purchase, we have committed to plant a tree through the One Tree Planted Foundation and have been a contributor to their 2.5 Million Trees planted already.

Simply place your order on our website, go through the checkout process and we will automatically add an order for One Tree Planted at no extra cost to you.

Tree Planting