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Real Dandelion Seed Necklace In Silver

Real Dandelion seeds resin pendant necklace in silver.


Pendant size: Diameter 20mm. Necklace length 79cm (31in). We can make a custom length necklace if required.

Real dandelion seeds are encased within the glass ball pendant. Matched with a silver plated chain.

Dandelion meaning - The Dandelion is symbolic to many cultures and very popular in folklore and legends. The word 'dandelion' comes from the French 'dent de lion', 'lion's looth', referring to the tooth like leaves. The dandelions Latin nake is Taraxacum officinale, which means 'the official remedy for disorders'. This is a healthy edible weed that people use to treat various minor disorders. Early settlers brought the plant to America from Europe, for eating and medicinal purposes. They are full of vitamins which are hard to find during the winter. The leaves are eaten like lettuce and the roots are roasted and ground for a coffee like drink.

Symbolic meaning of Dandelion - The Dandelion can be a symbol of life. The strong roots make it nearly impossible to remove. When it goes to seed it is beautiful, fluffy and white. Then one gust of wind and it is gone.

Spiritual meaning of Dandelion - The Dandelion is associated with hopes and dreams. People will blow on the fluffy seed head and as the seeds release into the air, make a wish.