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Real Fern Leaf Necklace - Silver

Fern Leaf Symbolism: Eternal Youth, Good Luck, Life and New Beginnings.

A real fern leaf is collected and pressed dried to remove all of the moisture. The fern leaf is then set within a silver plated teardrop bezel using resin. The link chain is silver plated and completes this beautifully handmade botanical necklace.

Height: 30mm.
Width: 21mm.
Depth: 4mm.
Weight: 6.58g including chain.
Chain: 20 inches long.

Many myths and mysteries surround the fern, whose name originated from the Anglo-Saxon "fearn", meaning feather, due to the shape and pattern of its leaves. The ancient fern has a history rich in symbolism. Ferns were seen as good luck, often for new lovers. The fern also symbolises eternal youth.

To the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, the fern represented new life and new beginnings. To the Japanese, the fern symbolises family and the hope for future generations. According to Victorians, the fern symbolises humility and sincerity.   

Ferns are ancient plants dating as far back as 400 million years! In fact, ferns grew before flowering plants existed. 

During the Middle Ages, ferns were thought to flower and produce seeds only once a year at midnight on St. John's Eve (June 23) prior to Midsummer's Day. Traditionally this was a celebration accompanying the summer solstice. Since the seeds couldn't be seen, they were believed to be invisible. The possessor of these 'seeds' could understand the language of birds, find buried treasure, and have the strength of forty men.

This folklore is also intertwined with Midsummer Day (June 24); bathing in the dew on this morning was said to bring youthful flow and healing.
Ferns for healing

Historically, ferns have been an important source of medicine for various ailments, especially for ancient tribes.

The spores on the underside of the fern provide relief to the stinging nettle. When boiled in oil or fat, Ophioglossum vulgatum has been used for wounds and to reduce inflammation. A poultice or lotion made from the roots of Botrychium virginianum has been applied to snakebites, bruises, cuts and sores in the Himalayas. The powdered rhizomes of Adiantum lunulatum has been used as an antidote to snake bites in India. Extract of fresh leaves of Nephrolepis cordifolia has been used to stop bleeding of cuts and help in blood coagulation. The paste of the leaf of O. reticulatum has been applied to the forehead to get rid of headache. Filtered water extract of rhizome of Abacopteris multilineata has been used for stomach pains.

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